About Me

My name is Adelle, I am a self-proclaimed photoholic. I am so thankful that i have found this passion right at the time when i needed to add a meaning in my life.
So…. My intense love affair with photography started in early 2009 when I decided to explore this visual world which has always tickled my imagination. From the first time I laid my hands on my first DSLR (finally!! after a long time of dreaming about it) my singleton life started to only revolve around shooting people, it gives me great pleasure to capture emotions and beautiful happy faces thru my lens, especially when I am photographing people.

I am continuously working to improve my skills then eventually work on my own business in wedding and portrait photography business very soon! Definitely. Maybe.

Please contact me thru adsluae@gmail.com or call at +971566732949 if you have inquiry.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi I saw the video that you did for oz. q. . Great job. Could you please email me about prices so that we can possibly have you do some family pictures for us. I have 2 boys ages 5/3. Thanks so much

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