ADSL Project 52.10 — A Curious Little Angel Face

A little proud of myself for actually getting my blogging act together and work on all these pending jobs, i thought i’d be regular posting after this but i had to move houses (yeah plural because i had to do it twice in 2 months! no i’m not complaining) then i didn’t have internet for 2 months (all thanks to YOU etisalat!) so there.

I shot this session 2 months ago just for fun because little Miss Adorable Mary Alessandra here, 5, is the super duper pretty, not to mention super brainy! I can already imagine the line of suitors her Dad will have to fight with when she age a little bit more.


5 thoughts on “ADSL Project 52.10 — A Curious Little Angel Face

  1. Magaling ka talaga Adelle 😀 I salute you!

    Cheers! 🙂

    – Pinaybyaheras

    • Sarah, that’s so kind of you, thank you so much for the kind words.. x

      ikaw nga jan, saludo din ako sa pagiging super adventurer mo, ikaw na, ikaw na si Dora. heheheh

      • hahahhaha you make me laugh .. as in “Dora the Explorer” lets see ” Sara the Explorer” pwede?

        Suko nako sa pagiging photographer basta kung ano lang ang kaya ko gawin sa mga picture ko i will do it na lang. ;D

        Keep on Clicking !!!

        – Pinaybyaheras

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