Project 52.7 — Clare & Chris: A Sparkly Dubai Wedding

The couple opted for a low key intimate wedding with a few of their very close friends.

The day started at their house where I photographed her beautiful butterflies decorated dress

I’m sure you’d agree when i say, her shoes would give Dorothy’s ruby red slipper a run for its money.

captured her while doing her own make up using a tiny compact mirror, i am positively in awe at how good she is at it. Apparently acquired the skills while on the road touring england performing. She is a brilliant singer, have i mentioned that before?

and her very unusual wedding knick-knacks…
A DIY bouquet made of butterflies from dragon mart… Could there be any more cooler bride?

a specially made lovely smelling perfume

her head piece…

the pink heart necklace

and a horse shoe lucky charm

oh yeah, she had a man “maid-of-honor” 🙂

<a href=""&gt;<a

Before we left the house for the church i’ve spotted this…

and this…

like a true superstar, this is Clare’s Bridal car…

The ceremony was held at the Christ Church Jebel Ali

saying their vows…

with this ring…

after the blessings…you may now kiss the bride

after the ceremony we drove off to Wafi for their reception and while we’re waiting for the dinner, me and my buddy of the day Renan took the opportunity to shoot some formal portraits:

Chris with his best man Darren Lee

Now the dinner time is almost here…

it is gift opening time…

and they live happily-sparkly-ever-after.


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