Project 52.6: Clare & Chris — Jumeirah Beach Engagement Session

Let me start this post by saying thank you very very much @ztiwokah for referring me to @ClareElise and @Chrisbirks ; you are a certified awesome!!!

Here is the Pre-Wedding shoot i did with Clare and Chris at the Jumeirah Beach on the 9th of June, only blogging now because of the top-secret nature of this wedding, now if that doesn’t make one feel legit, i don’t know what is, lolls

By way of getting to know each other i suggested we meet up for pre-wedding portraits session, Clare thought it’d be nice to meet up at the Lime Tree Cafe in Jumeirah so we sat down and chatted over a few slices of delicious cakes and coffee. Let me tell ya, it was such a delight to meet Chris, Clare and Clare’s bright red hair, we hugged and it instantly felt like i’ve known her like a friend for a long time. Chris is a very good looking chatty fella too, oh did i mention he a radio presenter at Channel 4 FM Dubai? Yes he is so tune in…

After all the niceties we headed out, it was hot and humid but who would be bothered, i was eager to shoot them gorgeous rockstars.

Then crossed the road to the bea-each…

After a couple more minutes of capturing gorgeousness against the backdrop of dubai it is sunset time and here let me end this post by this beautiful silhouette shot of Clare & Chris.


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