ADSL Project 52.2 — Pictures of People Shooting People

This week’s project presented itself into my very eye, right at the moment when i’ve reached the point of giving up and just conceded to the idea that im failing my 52 weeks project on its second week!

Anyway, While at the shoot-for-a-cause event i have attended last weekend, there were many excited photographers who came to show full support, so  i thought why don’t we turn the table, or in this case the lens, to them and try to capture their smiles that are usually behind the lens.  I was delighted to find out they are more than willing to be in front of the camera as well as being behind it, so problem solved for me!

Without further ado, let me present to you Abu Dhabi’s legion of charity shoot supporters… oh i like saying that :)))

Leanna Yan-Yan Gallardo, the amazing girl who initiated PITIK's charity shoot

Sir Eugene Vilbar SPC Adviser and a very intent supporter of the cause

Mekhie - SPC's Beautiful Secretary

Pepey -- The ever reliable friend, my new BFF xo

Zangai -- SPC VP, Photographer, Make-up Artist, Painter, Lover

Ken - Photographer, Graphic Artist, Kindhearted and Super reliable at any given time

Kuya Maynard - a Family man, Photographer, Super Kind and SPC PRO

Cassis Llesis - my new babe, nuff said :))

Norman, Manfoto. SPC resident little clown, sometimes Scottish, sometimes Indian

Our Event’s Supporters….

Richard Haddad, an avid photographer too, he provided the venue

Poychoy, Tattoo Artist and aspiring photographer

Chev, Tattoo artist and aspiring photographer too

Ajit, Indian

Kuya, Showing off an event specific badge he purchased, proceeds are going to the cause as well

Allensy Alonzo

CJ Cantos

BF & GF Tandem... ❤ ❤ ❤

Mother & Son Tandem... more love love love

Jose Ray Panguitan

even Jhia, an amazing singer of OPMAD, cant help but snap away with her blackberry

Hope you enjoyed this post folks, if you are a featured here and would like a copy of your photo feel free to contact me.

PS… please leave me a feedback and spread the word.  Thank you.  Adelle


8 thoughts on “ADSL Project 52.2 — Pictures of People Shooting People

  1. Thanks for the photo Adelle…. i really black and white photos…. great blog by the way… can I ask for to copy of the photo as well.. Thanks a lot!

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