ADSL Project 52.1 — Self Portrait

What better way to start a photography project than a little self portrait post.

I used to be in that demographic of curvy shapely girls , big boobs, flat tummy and really toned body.

I’m sure y’all are asking now… what happened???

What happened is…. laziness took over me and i’ve let go of myself, stopped exercising and started eating instead. That’s what happened.

The result? a few hundred pounds later… but i made a little pact with my self to try and loose what I gained in the last couple of years.

So there, this post is going to kickstart my 52weeks photography project (two stones in one huh) and to document my commitment to losing THE bulges. I could really use some cheer at this point, so come join me with fighting my fat war, let’s see who’s the biggest loser in the end.

New Year Eve 2012

This is how i look at the end of 2011... i should look dramatically different one year from now. Photo Courtesy of Maynard Dela Cruz

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