My Most Favourite Pet Photo

My entry to the ‘s September Photo Challenge: Pets

This shot was taken during a session with a friend of mine Jeff, i was delighted when Maggie looked up to him so adoringly. Soo heartwarming. Maggie is an adopted from an expat in Abu Dhabi who needed to go back home.


ADSL Project 52.10 — A Curious Little Angel Face

A little proud of myself for actually getting my blogging act together and work on all these pending jobs, i thought i’d be regular posting after this but i had to move houses (yeah plural because i had to do it twice in 2 months! no i’m not complaining) then i didn’t have internet for 2 months (all thanks to YOU etisalat!) so there.

I shot this session 2 months ago just for fun because little Miss Adorable Mary Alessandra here, 5, is the super duper pretty, not to mention super brainy! I can already imagine the line of suitors her Dad will have to fight with when she age a little bit more.

ADSL Project 52.9 — Gorgeous Family Shoot – Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

A very Lovely Family, quite literally… read on!

I said quite literally, because their family name is Habibi which is the Arabic word for “my love” and just look at these kids!!

Rana and I planned to do this shoot ages ago but never get round to doing it, but as soon as she saw my shoot with little Miss Charming Abi, it blew her socks off, called me straight away and booked a Friday afternoon session.

Y’know how it felt like? it felt like this click here >>>> What it must’ve felt like

I think i might even have done a small dance at the time lolls

So without further ado, i’ll let you enjoy them too.


ADSL Project 52.8 — Ray Matiru, Beauty Queen Inside and Out

This girl Ray is such a gem, i met her a year ago when we were both doing volunteer job for Pink-a-thon 2011 and then again on another event Future Centre Fund Raising Gala. Since then i’ve hounded her with sms’ and e-mails to convince her to pose for me, then luckily the 30th of June our schedules met! yuppee…

It was such a joy and pleasure to have her in front of my lens, I was helped by my buddy Zedrenan Cayon and the Super Abu Dhabi Make-up Artist Marh Farh. Her Swan dress was made by the super talented Jlo, a established dress designer in Abu Dhabi (0502967398). We transformed my tiny studio into a make-shift shoot studio (can you tell from the pictures?:))

Regina’s beauty is mesmerizing you gotta see it for yourself. She is beautiful, down-to-earth, hilarious and not to mention a girl with a big big heart. She travels the world for free courtesy of her employers Etihad and on her free time she volunteers to help on charitable events whenever her schedule lets her, it is how we met in the first place. Oh when i said Beauty Queen, i mean it literally because she won the second place of Miss Earth Kenya’s pageant a few years back before she came to Abu Dhabi. What a gorgeous creature. :):):)

Now here is a few of my favourites from our session, set might be one too many but i cant help it… Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! I had a blast during our very short and sweet time with her.

In the middle of the shoot she had to take a call and looked absolutely gorgeous while at it, so i can’t help but snap away lolls

How gorgeous is this shot?? I am totally printing this on a canvas and displaying on my wall

Best of all this shot screams stunning!!! look at those eyes, i am in love!

That’s it luvies… feel free to show the love by leaving comment and feedbacks at the space below vvvvv

Project 52.7 — Clare & Chris: A Sparkly Dubai Wedding

The couple opted for a low key intimate wedding with a few of their very close friends.

The day started at their house where I photographed her beautiful butterflies decorated dress

I’m sure you’d agree when i say, her shoes would give Dorothy’s ruby red slipper a run for its money.

captured her while doing her own make up using a tiny compact mirror, i am positively in awe at how good she is at it. Apparently acquired the skills while on the road touring england performing. She is a brilliant singer, have i mentioned that before?

and her very unusual wedding knick-knacks…
A DIY bouquet made of butterflies from dragon mart… Could there be any more cooler bride?

a specially made lovely smelling perfume

her head piece…

the pink heart necklace

and a horse shoe lucky charm

oh yeah, she had a man “maid-of-honor” 🙂

<a href=""&gt;<a

Before we left the house for the church i’ve spotted this…

and this…

like a true superstar, this is Clare’s Bridal car…

The ceremony was held at the Christ Church Jebel Ali

saying their vows…

with this ring…

after the blessings…you may now kiss the bride

after the ceremony we drove off to Wafi for their reception and while we’re waiting for the dinner, me and my buddy of the day Renan took the opportunity to shoot some formal portraits:

Chris with his best man Darren Lee

Now the dinner time is almost here…

it is gift opening time…

and they live happily-sparkly-ever-after.

Project 52.6: Clare & Chris — Jumeirah Beach Engagement Session

Let me start this post by saying thank you very very much @ztiwokah for referring me to @ClareElise and @Chrisbirks ; you are a certified awesome!!!

Here is the Pre-Wedding shoot i did with Clare and Chris at the Jumeirah Beach on the 9th of June, only blogging now because of the top-secret nature of this wedding, now if that doesn’t make one feel legit, i don’t know what is, lolls

By way of getting to know each other i suggested we meet up for pre-wedding portraits session, Clare thought it’d be nice to meet up at the Lime Tree Cafe in Jumeirah so we sat down and chatted over a few slices of delicious cakes and coffee. Let me tell ya, it was such a delight to meet Chris, Clare and Clare’s bright red hair, we hugged and it instantly felt like i’ve known her like a friend for a long time. Chris is a very good looking chatty fella too, oh did i mention he a radio presenter at Channel 4 FM Dubai? Yes he is so tune in…

After all the niceties we headed out, it was hot and humid but who would be bothered, i was eager to shoot them gorgeous rockstars.

Then crossed the road to the bea-each…

After a couple more minutes of capturing gorgeousness against the backdrop of dubai it is sunset time and here let me end this post by this beautiful silhouette shot of Clare & Chris.

Project 52.5 – Romantic Boudoir with lovely Diane

I have known Diane for a few good years now and she has become one of my very best friends here in Abu Dhabi. This post is a celebration of her pure natural beauty.

For me, the best thing about her is everything about her! She’s wonderful, caring, sensitive, endearing, thoughtful, loyal, vulnerable, takes care of herself, her equally wonderful husband and her friends too!

She’s one heck of a beautiful woman and i feel honoured to be called one of her friends.

Then imagine my delight when she agreed to do the bridal boudoir, dream shoot!!!

i mean, who would even think she has a 4 wks bun in the oven at this photo?! hello gorgeous!!

D, thank you so so much for trusting me with this shoot!!

love you lots!!

I could not wait to shoot your full-term session… boudoir again??? 🙂